What To Do When Your Lover Becomes Too Obsessive

What To Do When Your Lover Becomes Scary Obsessive

Now, this isn’t the same as being just needy or too “into” you. This is stalking. Fatal Attraction level fixation that can corrode your life from the inside out. Having someone like this in your life can be tricky and tough to deal with, but, rest assured, if this unpleasant side effect of affair dating occurs, there are ways to deal with it.

Give Them An Ultimatum

This can be a difficult one, because, they obviously have some dirt on you. But-if they too are married or in a relationship, then you can easily deliver an ultimatum. If you want to keep seeing them, tell them that they need to stop with the obsessiveness or else you will break it off with them. Chances are they will change their ways.

Make Up An Excuse To Stop Seeing Them

Tell them that you need to end the affair, but not because of them. Say that you have some personal issues to deal with, or that you are planning on salvaging your relationship. Obviously, these are lies, but, obsessive people are difficult and not always easy to talk to. Being rational is not their strong suit. Sometimes it is best to tell a white lie to get an obsessed person off your back. Besides, if they truly are obsessed with you they will be concerned and not want to overstep their bounds.

Give Them The Cold Shoulder

Talk to them less. See them less. Don’t respond to them right away. Hold them at arms length, and they will either back down, or go away entirely. They might be hurt, but they will get the hint.

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