Real Life Affairs: Meet “Elliot”

Real Life Affairs: Elliot’s Story

I know all about married dating. It’s sorta what I do. I’m the “other man”…for men. I’m a male escort. I’ve been doing this for several years, and I love it. I work for a high end service that I have been with from the beginning. My work is actually very safe and we take all necessary precautions. I’m openly gay, so my clients are all men. A huge number are married…to women. Many also have kids. I’m not a street walker. I charge a lot per night. These guys come from all walks of life, but they all have money. You might assume that all of these guys are gay. They aren’t. I know that most people will find that very hard to believe.

The Clients

Some guys are totally gay and just in the closet. A lot of them had really religious or strict upbringings where being gay was looked down upon. They could never totally be themselves and come out as a result. So, they got married, had families and hoped that their urges and feelings would just fade away. Of course, that didn’t happen. It never does. They want to explore their sexual side, but with discretion, so, they seek me out. Other guys are married and bisexual. They have either never had a sexual experience with men or they have had some in the past, and chose to marry a woman. They like to indulge in sex with men as a naughty side secret. It gives their lives an illicit thrill. A sort of high that can be super addictive. Other men aren’t gay and aren’t exactly bisexual. They have fantasies about men, but they wouldn’t want to be romantic or date a man. It’s purely a lustful curiosity that they want to fulfill. A sort of sexual void that they have inside. Sex with men is like a treat, a sexual indulgence that they allow every once in awhile. It’s a way to scratch the itch.

The Wives

For some of these guys, their wives are in the dark, and for others, they are well aware. I even had one client who had his wife pay for a night with me as a gift! Some just can’t come out, and for others, it’s a part of their sex lives at home, and their wives totally get it and support it. It’s kind of wild and sort of touching in a way to see someone be that supportive and understanding of their husband. If I could tell wives anything about what I have learned while being an escort, it’s that it’s so much better to just be open minded and understanding then to have your man feel like he needs to sneak around and hide who he really is from you.

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