Should You Have A Social Media Based Affair?

Should You Have An Affair With Someone You Meet On Social Media?

Obviously, people like to spend time on their computers and smartphones and the advent of advanced technology has made it even easier now to engage in affair dating than ever before. So, should we turn to social media, something we are interacting with on a daily basis as a way to kick off an affair? It may seem like a great idea, and in fact may actually prove to be a good way to have a great affair with an amazing person, but there are a few things to consider first. Say you meet someone, or more accurately, see someone on Facebook, or Twitter that you find appealing and would love to get to know better. How do you go about this?

How To Approach

If you are a woman, this will be much easier. Women get hit on constantly on social media, and essentially have their pick of anyone on social media who shows an interest in them. If you are a guy, you need to be much more careful. Because women get hit on so much on social media, they will be more apt to scrutinize you. Don’t let that be a deterrent at all. Approach easily and carefully. Don’t be too forward. Just strike up a conversation with them like you would in a bar. Talk to them about their interests. Feel free to give them compliments, but don’t be too aggressive. If you get the feeling that they are not interested, then move on. Always respect people’s boundaries.

Start Slow

If you do strike up a conversation with someone on social media, it’s best to keep it low key and casual. Ask them questions about themselves and keep the interaction going. You’ll know if you have a good rapport with someone and you will be able to gauge whether or not they are interested in you. The best affairs that come from social media are ones where you end up exchanging private messages with one another over a fairly good length of time. Getting to know one another in this way builds up trust so that eventually you can feel comfortable meeting up in person. Don’t rush, however. People online can have a tendency to pretend to be someone they are not. You will discover over time whether or not you feel that this person is genuine or not. If you start talking to one another everyday, or at least several times a week, then you can start to broach the topic of meeting up face to face. Never rush, and always make sure that you feel comfortable as well with the whole situation. If you start to get bad vibes while communicating with this person, than jump ship. After all, the blocking feature was invented for a reason.

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