What To Do When Your Lover Starts To Become Too Needy

What To Do When Your Lover Becomes Too Needy

Okay, so, this is a scenario that is obviously less than ideal, but can and does happen, As much as we would all love for married dating to produce no clinginess, sometimes, people can unexpectedly get attached in ways we just didn’t anticipate. While it is highly inconvenient and annoying, it can most certainly be dealt with. Here are a few things you can do when this situation arrises.

Confront Them

This isn’t always the best thing to do for someone who is too clingy. Some people who are needy or co-dependent in any way can get very upset when confronted with their behavior. This is always a risk when going the confrontation route, but, it is the most direct, and, while the most uncomfortable, also the most effective — sometimes. You need to really use your judgement when it comes to this particular mode of dealing. If you think it will work, and that waterworks will be minimal, or at least tolerable, than go for it.

Ghost Them

This might seem harsh, but sometimes, it’s really the only way to shake someone off. “Ghost” involves vanishing from someone’s life. You don’t answer their calls or texts and you stop communicating with them all together. This method is really only good for particularly needy people. It may seem callous, but, these people will haunt you and eventually suck the life out of you, so, save yourself the trouble and headache and beat them to the punch.

Stop Giving Them Positive Reenforcement

Needy people are insecure people. Compliments and the likes are the air that keeps them alive. Cut off the oxygen and it leaves them gasping.. Insecure/needy people also lose interest very quickly, especially in people that are not interested in them, or giving them the attention that they so desperately need. If you stop showering them with affection, if you stop giving them the compliments that likely drew them to you in the first place, then eventually they will lose interest and move on. Chances are they are so clingy to you because they are now reliant on your attention to make them feel good.

Suggest That You Are Seeing Other People

Obviously, they know that you are married/attached somehow, but, let them know that you have even more prospects on the horizon. Maybe this isn’t really the case, but, regardless, it lets them know that they are certainly not the center of your world. This sends them a message that you are looking elsewhere, and they will likely either draw away from you because they feel rejected, or get the hint that you are not as interested in them as they are in you. Seems harsh, but, sometimes it must be done, especially with people who get too emotionally attached too fast and too hard. These people are tough to talk to directly and need other cues.

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