Why Women Should Cheat And The Benefits They Get From It

Why Women Should Cheat And The Benefits They Get From It

People don’t often think of women, especially married women, as sexual beings with specific wants and desires. There are many arguments to contradict that notion here are some reasons why women should consider affair dating.

Women Only Get More Sexual Over Time

It’s a fact that women’s sex drives increase as they get older. Besides that, women also tend to feel more body confident as they get older. Likely this is probably due to the fact that when women are younger, they feel more insecure in their womanhood. They view sexuality through the lens of the male gaze. They want men to approve of them in order to feel good about themselves, so, they tend to dress and act in ways that they think will attract men more. They don’t feel connected to themselves or their bodies and what they want. As they get older and mature, and discover who they really are, then they tend to shed this idea and come into their own identity. When this happens, they truly become sexual for their own benefit, rather than for the sake of a guy they want to like them. This amps up their sexual drive, and makes them more eager to have sex…usually lots of it. Why should a relationship stand in the way of them enjoying themselves sexually?

Men Tend To Have Wandering Eyes, Why Shouldn’t Women?

Monogamy isn’t a natural urge for human beings. It’s something that we have imposed upon ourselves. This is why so many men cheat, because it isn’t natural for them to stay with one person, even if they love that person. While some men don’t full out cheat and have affairs, you can bet that they at least think about it, and fantasize about other women. But what many people fail to realize that this urge extends to women as well. Woman also like to fantasize about other men when they are in a relationship. If men go for it with affair dating, why should women not also give in to their urges and go for it to? Double standards are unfair, so, let’s level the playing field for once and let women go for what they want.

It’s Very Difficult For Woman To Satisfy All Their Desires With Just One Person

So, if we know that women’s sex drives increase over time, and that they have urges to be with more than one person, it’s safe to say that they likely have a variety of sexual desires. It isn’t easy to get all these desires and fantasies fulfilled by only one person. They might not be into or accepting of all the things that she likes, so, what should she do? Pretend she doesn’t want it? Or maybe, she should find a like-minded lover.

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