A Complete Waste Of Your Valuable Time A Complete Waste Of Your Valuable Time Is A Complete Scam! is the worst affair dating site that’s out there. It’s a complete waste of time and you won’t actually get laid when you use the site. Please take my advice and stay as far away as possible from this site. It is so terrible and does not protect your privacy at all. It actually sells your email address to third parties and you’ll start receiving so much spam email, it’s ridiculous! When you go to sign up, you are promised that there are thousands of hot horny women who are looking to have an affair and that is the farthest thing from the truth! Sure, there are pictures of hot women on the homepage of the site and they swear that you will find tons of women who are perfect from you, but I did NOT find any women. I didn’t even find an average looking woman who was looking to have an affair with me. To say that I have had an awful experience is an understatement. When I decided to join, I was led to believe that it was free to sign up, but with the free membership, you can’t even connect with any women who are on the site, let alone have a webcam chat or set up a date with one. affair-dating-scam-do-not-join

What To Expect From

I haven’t been happy sexually in my marriage for years, but I love my wife and don’t want to end our marriage. I decided to find what I wanted and needed sexually somewhere else. That’s where AFFAIRDATING.COM comes in. I decided to give the site a try to see if I could find sexy women who were as horny as I was, but wanted nothing more than to have great sex and that’s it. So, I signed up and created my profile. I decided right from the start to try the site for 3 months, but once the 3 months were up, I canceled my membership and haven’t regretted it at all. Have a look at my stats for the 3 months that I was a member, you’ll see why I canceled. My results: 112 messages sent 16 responses 0 dates 0 hookups Look at these pathetic results! They are BRUTAL! I just don’t understand how a site can boast that they are the best affair dating site out there when I couldn’t even get a single date or a hookup. Clearly, is not a good site to find women who want to have an affair with you. It’s clearly just a SCAM dating site profiting of its keyword-heavy site name. What’s worse is how many FAKE profiles there are on the site and the clear ‘form letter’ response that I got were almost identical to each other and filled with spelling errors!

Negative Features Of

1. Thousands of hot horny women, what a load of crap! I would have settled for a handful of hot horny women, instead, I found NONE! Signing up for was a HUGE waste of my valuable time and money, I’m still kicking myself today for not cancelling my membership after the first few messages I got that were the EXACT same! 2. Private And Discreet. This was a complete lie. clearly sold my email address to third parties. I am positive that they did this since they are the only site that even has this email address. 3. Affairdating App For Cell Phones. I never got the app to work on my cell, which sucks because that is how I stay in touch wherever I am. Since I travel a lot for work and when I’m not traveling, I’m often busy with my family. I really wanted to be able to use the app to set up dates. Using my cell was the only way to ensure that my wife wouldn’t find out what I was up to since we share our computer at home. Well, not having the app and not being able to use my home computer meant that I had to go through my browser on my phone, which took longer and ate up a ton of my data.

Is It Worth It?

I decided to write this review to save other men who are looking for an affair dating site, the time, money and false hope that you would find women who want to have an affair with you. AFFAIRDATING.COM is a complete waste of your time and money. Instead find an affair dating site that actually works for you HERE. I wish I could write a billboard to tell everyone to stay far away from!