The Affair Club To Check It Out Today! The Affair Club To Check It Out Today!

Why Is THE Affair Club?

In my opinion, is the only online dating affair site that’s worth checking out. It offers the best of the best when it comes to cheating wives, which is exactly what I was looking for. It is clearly the only place to successfully meet women who are looking for men to have an affair with. It truly is a top notch affair based dating site with so many great features that help to put it far above the rest. AFFAIRSCLUB.COM makes it so that I only needed a few minutes to sign up and create my profile. Within minutes, I was on my way to finding women who were just as kinky as me. affairsclub-is-the-best-affair-dating-site

My Results After Using For 3 Months:

  • 114 messages Sent
  • 89 responses Received
  • 27 Dates
  • 21 Hookups
I’m very happy with the results that I’ve gotten so far and plan to continue to be a member for quite some time! I didn’t expect that I would have this much luck finding women who wanted to have an affair just as badly as I did. The past 3 months have been outstanding and I’ve been having sex regularly again, which has made everything better. Although this may not sound great. When I found out that my wife was cheating on me, I decided rather then confront her, I would do the same. After I decided to give her a taste of her own medicine, I wanted to approach things differently. It’s very liberating to be in control and have as much or as little sex as I want, with whomever I want. I know that there is always a lady out there looking to have an affair and get it on with me on

What Worked To Help Me Score The Hookup?

BEING BOLD ENOUGH TO SEND THE FIRST MESSAGE: I am a shy guy who usually waits for things to come to me. That’s how I got together with my wife, she pursued me. I found that with, all the women are really chill and they were eager to have sex with me ,so I didn’t need to be afraid of rejection. It also didn’t hurt that online dating made me anonymous, which made me braver. MESSAGE SEVERAL WOMEN AT THE SAME TIME: I thought to myself, ‘What do you have to lose?’ Sending messages to several women at the same time just solidified my chances of hooking up. I figured the worst that could happen to me was that I’d have too many women interested in having an affair with me and that’s not a bad problem to have. MEMBERS MUST USE RECENT PICTURES: It’s a well-known fact that you will always find more matches when you use a picture in your profile. I found out that on AFFAIRSCLUB.COM, it is mandatory that you have a current photo on your profile. This helped so that I didn’t find members who had posted pictures from 10 or 20 years ago when they looked much different.(younger, thinner, etc.) COMPLETE PROFILES: I found that the more complete that my profile was, the more matches I got. At the beginning, I didn’t spend much time with my profile. I had taken about 10 minutes to fill in the essentials. But when I really started getting into this, I went back and filled in more information about myself and that’s when I started getting the best matches. TONS OF LOCAL MEMBERS: I’ve been on dating sites before I got married, that boasted that there were a lot of local (to me) members, but always found that I had to travel too far to meet women for a date. That made me lose interest in the site altogether and I ditched it. actually has a fair number of local women on it that I found that it was me who was wading through the tons of women who were matched to me. affairsclub-legit-affairs

Features Of

There are a lot many features that really work on Here are a few that I really liked. 1. AFFORDABLE UPGRADED MEMBERSHIP: I was very happy to pay for an upgraded membership because first of all, it really wasn’t that much. My Netflix costs more than an upgraded membership and I was seeing results before I had even upgraded. I don’t have a problem paying for something as long as I get what I’m paying for and with, I got more than what I expected and it was cheap. 2. WEBCAM CHAT: It’s easy to have a naughty webcam chat on because the site is so well run and maintained that I never lost my connection. Webcam chatting has been a great ice breaker for me. Usually, I suggest we meet first via webcam and then we can see if there is any sexual chemistry. 3. NO FAKE OR DORMANT PROFILES: The administrators clearly spent a lot of time keeping the site current. Inactive member profiles are taken off the site often, which is great for me as it saves me time searching through old profiles of members who aren’t looking for an affair anymore. is also great because they listen to their members, I sent them a message to let them know that I thought a specific profile was fake and they verified that it was, so they took it down ASAP. I really appreciated that they listened to what I had to say, too often I feel like I’m just another number and that my opinions and concerns aren’t heard, but that didn’t happen to me on here!

What’s Not Great About

I believe is a great site. There really isn’t much to complain about here, but if I had to choose something, it would be that because there are so many members, it makes it that much more competitive. I learned that as soon as I found someone that I wanted to meet for sex, I needed to message her right away, otherwise someone else would beat me to it.


AFFAIRSCLUB.COM has changed my my sex life. I know this may make me sound like a jerk, but having affairs has made me a much happier man. I am so glad that I decided to do something for myself again and look out for my sex life, it has been far too long! My wife can cheat and have affairs, why can’t I? That’s my motto. AffairsClub has given me back so much more than just my sex life. It has given me back my manhood! I’m in control of my life completely again and I LOVE it!