Stop! Don’t Spend A Minute On

Stop! Don’t Spend A Minute On

Don’t Spend A Minute On is the WORST! This site is 100% FAKE and only exists to take your money. You will NEVER get laid or even find real women to meet. is an affair dating site that boasts that it offers affairs for men and women who are currently in a relationship and are looking for something extra on the┬áside. It also states on the homepage that the site is free to use, but if you actually want to be able to send messages, receive messages or pretty much do anything on the site, then you have to pay to use it. I’ve decided to write this review in hopes that I will save you from taking the step and joining. There are so many things that are wrong with this site it’s actually shocking that they even still exist. It actually makes me really mad that I got taken advantage of by in that I gave them my money for a membership and believed that I would get what they promised in return. do-not-join-arrangementsfinders

What To Expect From

I found ARRANGEMENTFINDERS.COM when I searched for affair dating sites and decided to give it a try. What I quickly learned was that to be a part of this site, it was going to cost me dearly! It’s another one of those sites that work on credits and to contact another member in any way, you have to have credits. So, reluctantly I decided to buy some credits so that I could actually have the chance to meet some women who were looking to have some amazing sex and possibly turn this into a full on affair. Have a look at how things worked out for me in the 3 months that I was part of…
  • 112 messages sent
  • 37 responses received (30 of these were clearly from FAKE members)
  • 8 dates (only to REAL dates)
  • 0 hookups

Negative Features Of

DIFFICULT TO NAVIGATE AROUND THE SITE: This was so frustrating! There’s nothing worse than joining a new online dating site, finding out you have to pay to use it or you won’t be able to actually contact any women and then having a site that just doesn’t work well at all. So imagine this, I’ve now paid for the upgraded membership so that I can actually contact women who I may be interested in having an affair with and I still can’t contact them. The instant messaging works sometimes, the chatrooms always say that they are full and it was impossible to find women who were near me. Overall, a HUGE disappointment to say the least! FAKE ‘DATES’: Out of the 6 dates that I set up with women from, only 2 of these women actually showed up on the agreed upon date and time. I can’t understand why a woman would take the time to arrange a date with me and then stand me up! Like seriously, WTF! I don’t know these women yet, so why bother wasting either of our time? It would have been far easier (and more polite) to just say no to the date and then we both could have moved on. WOMEN EXPECTED ME TO PAY THEM FOR THE DATE: I chose to sign up for to find women who were interested in having a hot, steamy affair. I did NOT sign up to find a prostitute! If I wanted that, I wouldn’t have signed up for online dating. I expected that when I joined I would find women who were like me who wanted to have an affair. Instead, I found a ton of women who were greedy and self-involved, who wanted me to pay them for their time, or buy them gifts on our first date! I’m not sure why these women are even allowed to ask for this on, but they do. Well, I have no problem spending money on a woman if I’m having an affair with her, but I will NOT pay her for her time or give her a lavish gift on our first date.

Is It Worth It?

Don’t do it! DO NOT JOIN! Save yourself a ton of money and your pride and instead find a site that actually is for affair dating. Don’t sign up for a site that isn’t going to give you what it is that you’re looking for. Have a look as some helpful reviews HERE. Needless to say, I cancelled my membership and have moved on to bigger and better sites, far, far better that ARRANGEMENTFINDERS.COM.