Worst Affair Dating Site EVER Made! Worst Affair Dating Site EVER Made! Worst Affair Site EVER! is the worst affair dating site that has ever been made! It’s full of fake women, lies and false promises of finding women for an affair. I should have listened to my gut instinct on this one. Especially with all of the stuff that’s been in the news about how is a complete scam and how they share your information with the public. I don’t know what I was thinking here. I want to say that I don’t like to listen to the rumors and publicity, but I am really regretting joining this site. The only reason that I’m even writing this review is because I want to make sure that those of you that are reading this skip by Ashley Madison and head on to a better site that will actually give you what it is that you’re on the site looking for. The site is NOT free at all if you want to actually be able to chat with anyone, although they do claim to be and the matches that you are given are so far fetched, it’s disgusting! do-not-join-ashley-madison

What To Expect

I am very particular in what it is that I want in a lady that I am going to have an affair with so I took some time to actually fill out my profile and give a lot of information about who I was and what I wanted when I signed up. I quickly learned that to be able to really use the site I had to pay for a membership – so NOT FREE at all! Well, after I paid my membership fees and spent the time to make my profile, I thought I would start to receive messages and matches right away. That did not happen. It took nearly four full days before I had a message and it took 3 days for the site to match me up with anyone. Regardless, I decided to give the site a fair shot and committed to 3 months of membership. Here are my results for those 3 months.
  • 131 messages sent
  • 8 responses
  • 2 dates
  • 1 hookup
Out of the 2 whole dates that I did have, 1 was okay. We did actually hook up, but she clearly wasn’t looking for the same things as me and she immediately got far too attached. The second date was terrible. We had nothing in common and she was on her cell phone the entire time we were together.

Negative Features Of

REALLY Expensive Membership Fees: – ASHLEYMADISON.COM works on a credit system. You need to buy credits to do anything on the site really. The credits are SUPER expensive and you need a lot of them to be able to send a message (5 credits) or instant message (30 credits for 30 minutes) just to start chatting with a lady. VERY Few Women To Choose From: – states that they have over 5 million members. This is REALLY hard to believe, since I barely had any responses from women on the site who were REAL! Terrible Security: – It wasn’t too long ago that was in the news for a security breach, which leaked names of members to the media. This should have been a huge red flag for me, but I thought maybe it wasn’t true. Well, before I even received my first message from a lady I got tons of spam that I never received before joining

Is It Worth It?

Absolutely NOT! is the WORST affair dating site I’ve ever been on! I actually found myself excited when my three months were finally up so that I could cancel my membership and send a nasty message to them about how disappointed I was with every part of my experience. If you want to have success and find a lady to have a hot affair with, ASHLEYMADISON.COM is not the site to do it with. Instead, have a look at: these sites. Don’t make the mistake I did by signing up for ashleymadison. Instead, find a site that is actually going to give you what you want.