Top Scam Website For Online Affair Dating Top Scam Website For Online Affair Dating Biggest Online Dating Scam There Is is another scam website for affair dating that does not give you what it says will. If you’re looking for disappointment, you’ll find it here! You may be ‘lucky’ enough to have one or two women who actually are real and you do go out on a date with, but it’s most likely that you will not have very much success in finding the affair that you’re looking for. I was intrigued to see if GLEEDEN.COM was the site that would give me what I was so interested in finding, which was hot sex with women who wanted it just as badly as me. I’m looking for a lady (or several ladies) who are into having great sex, but don’t want the commitment of a relationship that usually goes with it. I’ve already got that part covered, but what I wanted from GLEEDEN.COM was plain and simple – SEX. Well, let me warn you, this is NOT what I found on the site, instead I was riddled with spam, fake profiles and fake messages from women who do not actually exist. do-not-join-gleeden-affair-dating-site

What To Expect From

I wanted to find women on a dating site who were only interested in getting laid and didn’t want to have a relationship with me, so I signed up for I really did think that I would find women who were a perfect match for me. After I saw the testimonials on the site, I was sure that I would. I should have known that those testimonials were FAKE and so were most of the women that are on the site. Well, I didn’t clue in right away. It wasn’t until after I joined, made my profile and had already blown through a ton of credits, that I started to see a lot of duplicate information, profiles that were clearly fake and women’s pictures that were being used over and over again. Here’s what 3 months of membership got me:
  • 99 messages sent
  • 11 responses received
  • 5 dates
  • 1 hookup
I wanted to give a fair shot. I thought that since it was a site that was made by women, my chances of getting laid would be far better than on any other affair dating site. Well, I couldn’t have been more mistaken. This has been a huge waste of time and effort on my part, not to mention the drain on my wallet.

Negative Features Of

THE CREDIT SYSTEM: When men join, you have to purchase credits to actually contact any of your matches or any other women that you might be interested in. The problem here is that it cost me a small fortune to send all of the messages that I did. To be honest, I would have preferred a monthly fee instead of having to burn through credits to find women who wanted to hook up. LIES, FAKES AND HALF TRUTHS:: It’s far too easy for women on the site to lie about who they are and they all use a fake picture or only tell you part of their story. I found that most women I actually chatted with were NOT what I was led to believe when I first checked out their profiles. The main problem here is that women can create their profiles easily and there’s no one to check to see what they have put in their profile is legit. Men, on the other hand, have completely different rules. My profile was checked to make sure it was real and then it was the women using the site who decided what my standing was. I get the women power, but this took it a bit too far!

Is It Worth It?

In my opinion, was not worth the time I spent on the site looking for women to have an affair with. It took a lot or work and searching for me to finally go on the dates that I did go on and they weren’t great by any means. Sure I had one successful hookup, but in the 3 months of being a member, I expected a lot more success than I actually got. There are far better sites out there that will help you to find women who want to have an affair. Check out the reviews HERE to find an affair to remember.