Where Marital Affairs Don’t Happen! Where Marital Affairs Don’t Happen! Where Marital Affairs Don’t Happen! is a dating site that promises you’ll find women for marital affairs, instead, all you’ll find are crazy women who don’t tell the truth! I decided to check out online dating sites to find women who were interested in hooking up with married men like myself because I was missing sex from my own marriage. It’s too bad that this is the farthest thing from what I found. Instead, I found bat-shit, crazy women who wanted me to marry them and whisk them away. Most of them were stalkers and liars who would say whatever it was that they thought I wanted to hear. All I wanted was to find some sexy women who were looking to have an affair with no strings attached. Unfortunately, I did NOT have any luck finding women who were on to just get laid. maritalscam-do-not-join

What To Expect From

The entire reason that I joined was to find women who wanted to have sex and nothing more. I’m a happily married man and I love my wife dearly, but we do not have sex anymore and so, I decided that find someone online to have sex with would be the easiest and most discreet way to have an affair. MARITALAFFAIR.COM seemed like it was the best site to find some fine ladies who were looking to hook up for some steamy fun. Well, that didn’t really work out for me, have a look at how I fared in the 3 months that I was a member.
  • 73 messages sent
  • 13 responses
  • 4 dates
  • 1 hookup
My results are terrible! And to think that I actually paid to be a member of this site! I can’t explain just how disappointed I was with how few women I actually met that were real live human beings and then those that I did meet were not stable at all!

Negative Features Of

CRAZY STALKERS There were so many women on the site that I thought had true potential but then I would send them a message and the responses that I got were CRAZY and they wouldn’t stop! I couldn’t shake these women for the life of me, trying to be nice didn’t work, being direct didn’t work and neither did being mean. Eventually, I had to contact the site administrators and have several women blocked from me and from the site. WANTED TOO MUCH INFO: Let’s be honest here, this is a hookup site for married men and women. The last thing that I want to do is share all kinds of personal information about myself. I understand ask questions to find the right matches, but there’s no reason to find out where I grew up or how much money I make a year, neither of these things has to do with hooking up with a woman for ONE night! FRUSTRATING OVERALL: I understand that dating can be frustrating and I get that online dating can make it even more so, but every part of my experience with was frustrating. From signing up and creating my profile to chatting with women who suddenly ghosted when I thought things were going well, to setting up dates and then the woman never showed. It’s a good idea to make sure that you don’t take things personally here, because if you do, you may find yourself depressed by the end of your ordeal.

Is It Worth It? is an affair dating site that doesn’t live up to its name at all. The site is full of crazy women who turn into stalkers or just disappear in the middle of a back and forth email exchange. I can say with certainty that you should stay far away from this site. There’s no ‘scratching that itch’ with women on Instead, have a look at these reviews to find a site that is worth you investing some time and money.