A Terrible Affair Dating Website A Terrible Affair Dating Website Is A Terrible Affair Dating Website is best described as a terrible affair dating website. This site is a complete scam, you won’t find any REAL women to have an affair with. When I first found VICTORIA MILAN, I was really excited to get started and see if I could find like-minded women who were looking for an affair with a married man. I wanted to have something that was easy and discreet, with no strings attached. It seemed like this was THE site to be on, at least that’s what I was led to believe by the homepage and blogs. Well, that is the furthest thing from what I got. Right from the start, I should have been suspicious. When I finished creating my profile I literally had ‘perfect’ matches within seconds. That should have made me wonder what was going on, but instead, I thought it was great. Was I ever wrong! These first matches were brutal! I still don’t know if the women were even real, but I seriously doubt it. I sent messages back to both to the ‘instant’ matches that I received and then I was led to believe that there was a chance for us to meet up and have sex, yet this never happened. Another thing that should have made me realize that was not going to be what it promised was the entire sign up process. It took what seemed like forever to complete my profile and the questions that they asked were ridiculous! do-not-join-victoria-milan

What To Expect From

Even though I shouldn’t have, I tried out for 3 months to actually give it a real chance. Have a look at how brutal my stats are from the 3 long months that I was a member. 142 messages sent 22 responses 6 dates 1 hookup

Negative Features Of

VM MESSENGER NEVER WORKED: This is another nail in the coffin for and it should have made me realize sooner just how much of scam the site was. I was never able to actually get VM Messenger to work. Looking back this is probably because there weren’t any REAL women to chat with and had it actually work, I would have seen that right away. ‘FORM LETTER RESPONSES’: Most of the 22 responses that I received were clearly ‘form letters’, meaning that they were the same or almost the same and very impersonal. All of these responses were also riddled with spelling errors, I mean really? Sure, not all people can spell but this was far beyond that. WOMEN WERE NOT LOOKING TO HOOK UP: How is this even possible? This is supposed to be a site to find women to have an affair with. Having an affair means having SEX! The women that I was chatting with all seemed to want to chat back and forth via email, but nothing else. The few women that I did actually go out on a date with, except for my one hookup, were clearly in it for the good meal out at a nice restaurant and nothing more. Five of my dates all suddenly came up with excuses at the end of the meal to bolt and not have the date end with sex.

Is It Worth It?

As a married man who is looking for women who want to get laid, I was completely disappointed with my entire experience on VICTORIAMILAN. There was not a single woman that I met that was sincere who wanted to actually have an affair. I spent a great deal of time looking for women to have an affair with only to end up cancelling my membership in hopes of finding a better site that will actually deliver on what it promises. It’s unfortunate that I spent my valuable time and effort on a site like this that is clearly a total scam!

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